You Spoke… We listened! Welcome to the fête Los Angeles INDUSTRY CALENDAR - provided as a resource for our industry colleagues and a tool in planning your future events and education.
Read below for info on the calendar and scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your own event.

Helpful information and guidelines for this calendar’s use…

  • KNOWLEDGE BASE: While we have included our fête Los Angeles events on the calendar; the other events listed on the calendar have no affiliation with fête Los Angeles. They have been included only as a resource in an effort to provide a comprehensive list of upcoming events that may or may not affect our city, you or your future event planning. We always try to include a link to more information in case you want more info on that specific event.

  • THOUGHT PROCESS: The calendar was created to serve as a tool for industry planners and vendors. As such, it will include a specific listing of events to include:

    • Industry-related events: Showcases or events aimed at industry professionals (if you are hosting an event directly aimed at event people) as well as other industry group meetings, educational sessions and events - including MPI, ILEA, WIPA, NACE, SEARCH Foundation, etc.) 
      - OR -

    • Large local impactful events: Events that are large enough or have a big enough attendance in the LA area that planners should know about in order to avoid planning events in that area or on that date (Oscars, Emmys, LA Marathon, Coachella, etc.) due to traffic concerns, crowd issues, etc.
      - OR -

    • Non-local impactful events: Events that may not be in LA, but are popular enough or large enough that they attract a huge viewership and planners may want to avoid planning their event on that date because they have such high viewership (ie people may stay home to watch the Superbowl, the Tony Awards, etc.)

      This calendar does not include public events, including local sporting events or concerts, as those are available on multiple calendars and via those organizations’ websites. Our goal is to keep the calendar as ‘clean’ and useful as possible without loading it down with so many other events that it becomes difficult to navigate.

      NOTE: You can easily find the fête Los Angeles events by glancing at the calendar, as you’ll see our logo on those dates. If other conflicting industry events fall on those dates, you can find their information by clicking on the fête logo and scrolling down to the bottom of the event listing for any other events happening that evening.

  • COLLABORATION: This calendar is only as good as the information that we receive. If you know of an industry event that should be included, please let us know (complete the information below to submit your event for consideration). If you see a mistake on any of the events already included, please let us know via e-mail at and we will endeavor to make the change. On multi-day conferences, we don’t always know the start and end times… so we’ve put a placeholder 8:00 am start and 5:00 pm finish.

  • USING THE CALENDAR: When you scroll over the text on a specific date, a pop-up box with a brief event description will appear and you can click on that pop-up for more information about the event. If a date has multiple events listed, you can scroll down in that pop-up box to the event that interests you and click on the event name for more information on that event.


If you are a venue hosting an upcoming showcase event for industry professionals or you have an event that is directly related in some way to the events industry, we’d love to include it on the calendar! Please note that all events included on the calendar are at the discretion of the fête Los Angeles Leadership Team. This is not a calendar for your birthday party or personal event… It should be used as a forum for posting events that are beneficial for our industry and our members’ knowledge. All of the information requested below must be submitted for consideration and inclusion on the calendar. Because we are utilizing an existing website template, there are limitations to what each listing may include. For an idea of what your listing will look like; review the existing posts on the calendar. Now… help us build our calendar! :)

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Brief description of the event that will appear when someone clicks through to the full event listing. This should be one to two brief paragraphs. No longer. We will include the link to the event website if people want more info.
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If you would like to provide an image to be included on the click-through post, send that image in JPG or PNG format to with the subject line: CALENDAR IMAGE: (NAME OF YOUR EVENT) - (DATE OF EVENT)